Yes on Charter Question #1


The Town Charter presently prevents the Town from approving bonds or construction projects for longer than 3 years! [Have you always paid your house off in 3 years?] A YES vote on Referendum #1 would allow the Town to borrow funds for long term capital improvement projects for more than 3 years. A “YES” vote is a no brainer, since the Town could negotiate better rates and save substantial amounts in interest. The 3 year restriction on borrowing may have been necessary when the Town was new and residents weren’t sure what to expect from the Council; but after 17+ years, it’s time to trust our elected officials and the professional manager/staff guiding them. Residents should continue monitoring actions of the Council to prevent abuse, but it’s worth the effort to gain thousands in interest savings.

We owe the Charter Review Committee a big “thanks” for their time, effort and wise deliberations while reviewing the entire Charter. These folks are all familiar with the history and governance of our Town and were a wise choice for the assignment. You may not agree with all the recommendations, but it’s important that you read each one carefully and vote…and remember to vote YES for Referendum #1.

Bob Miller

Fort Myers Beach