Yellow Alder, Beach Botany


The Yellow Alder, Turner ulmifolia, is a multi- stemmed perennial shrub that varies between 2’ and 3” in height. Herbaceous stems grow from a tap root. As the herbaceous stems grow they lignify into wood. Dark green leaves are alternate on the stems. Leaves are simple. Shape is ovate and margins deeply toothed. Venation pinnate. Length  2 ” to 6” long.

A calyx with 5 fused sepals support a corolla with 5 overlapping yellow petals. At the center of the corolla is a pistil which indicates that ovaries are superior. Five reddish stamens surround the pistil. Bloom diameter 1” to 2”. Flowers bloom in leaf axils with no order. Inflorescence is solitary. Fruit is a capsule. Blooming occurs year around.

Habitats are disturbed sites in a few Atlantic, Gulf and Southern counties. Family name is Turneraceae, (Turnera) Family. Ulmifolia is regarded as regarded as not native to Florida. It is native to the Caribbean. This could be arguable as the species was first found in Key West in 1986, and it does grow in Florida in the Everglades. There is no significant research on this species.