Working Together


As President of the Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club I would like to thank our committed board of directors and members who have dedicated many hours and resources to re-engage the Woman’s Club facility with the FMB Community. I would also like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for providing a necessary back office support for the Putt N Pub event, it simply would not have happened without their administrative and volunteer resources.  I also must thank our FMB Alliance of Non Profits Committee who were instrumental in demonstrating how supporting each other is the key to each other’s success. We did this through the Christmas Tree Festival and the Putt n Pub, two events that will continue; our community calendar, our event table of non-profit information – and where do I begin to thank all that have donated this year to the idea that we can all work together to achieve positive results, as demonstrated by the Alliance. It will truly be a great honor to work with all of you over the next year and on behalf of the Woman’s Club invite both men and woman and organizations to be involved.


Beverley Milligan
FMB Woman’s Club