Work Toward Common Vision


In the very near future, our town will have a major development application in front of us that will have monumental impacts for most of us. We will be presented a “vision” with perceived “Public Benefits” and will be asked to approve a significant redevelopment of many downtown parcels at the Base of the Bridge. We have to assume public commons including beachfront parks and parcels will be incorporated into this vision.

I do not have any information on the proposal, but I would suggest we will have a defining moment to determine the character of our island. Much as Orlando greeted Disney, or Sanibel and chose a different path from Lee County, this will be a critical opportunity for the Beach residents and Lee County residents to voice their opinions to our local leaders.

For me Personally,  quality re-development has a place on much of this land, but I will reserve judgement on how much, how high and in what form until we are all presented a specific plan. The developer may be in a hurry, they may have invested quite a bit of money and they undoubtedly have a vision – but let’s all work towards a common vision that balances our community needs and a true community vision for the downtown core.

Doug Speirn-Smith

Fort Myers Beach