Woman’s Club Thanks


We recently celebrated the Woman’s Club’s 55th birthday at our 175 Sterling Avenue location. We also launched our Capital improvement campaign so that we can be in the community for another 55 years. Also, we recently enjoyed a very successful inaugural Christmas tree festival, and by the time this letter is published, will have participated in the Putt ‘n’ Pub event which was taken over by the Woman’s Club in this, its 9th year on the beach. All this to say, THANK YOU to the many volunteers, WC members and the community for which none of this would have happened. We have had everything from Santa and cheerleaders to music, trees, chili, birthday cake, champagne, golf and all to support non-profits and our community on this island.

2019 will be a year of growth for the Woman’s Club, all thanks to the committed individuals and organizations too numerous to mention. On behalf of the Woman’s Club it has been an honor to serve and we look forward to meeting and working with all of you in future.

Beverley Milligan, President
Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club