With Respect Please


If you have an opinion on the Beach Project, please come to the meetings and get the facts. Give your opinion, and then voice it at the proper time and place with respect to all people there, including the moderators.  We have been to a number of meetings and have seen childish, absurd and disrespectful behavior.  This is a huge project and all of the questions have not been answered, but they will be if you give the developers a chance to do that. Coming into the meetings shaking your heads, booing, and hissing is very disrespectful.  Mr. Torgerson has been very respectful and has answered all of your questions.  He wants to work with the community as he is a resident property owner and also wants what is best for the Island.

Crescent Beach Park is nice but totally underused. We have been to the beach three or four times a week and have hardly seen the volume of activity that one writer stated. It usually consists of transients sleeping off their alcohol and drugs, not families having picnics under the two palapas, (never have seen one in eleven years).  I would tend to believe highly intelligent engineers over bar talk about the benefits of a Coastal Protection Wall too. As the developer said, “there are only two ways to go, backward or forward.” You will never stay the same. To the opponents who want to stay the same, do you still use an operator assisted telephone, telegraph, 8-track cassettes, typewriters? Do you use GPS, electric lights, radial tires, computers, Skype, cell phones? That is all change and you all enjoy the changes. Just hear all the facts with respect to all before making a decision.

Dave Skoog

Fort Myers Beach