Widen Gulf Beach Road


When we returned to FMB this winter we saw that Topps was gone. This offers the Town an opportunity to obtain a wider right-of-way for Gulf Beach Rd from Estero Blvd to the bay; and provides two potential benefits to the town.  1) With a wider pavement, Gulf Beach Rd could serve as an alternate access to the Bay Oaks complex, as well as making the complex more visible. 2)  Gulf Beach is about the most southerly point at which it would be politically feasible to build another bridge across Matanzas Pass.  Main Street/Spanish Main Street on San Carlos Island runs down as far as Gulf Beach Road. South of that you are in the Estero Bay Preserve. At some point, the San Carlos “Sky Bridge” will need major work or replacement, and a second bridge would be very nice. Once the Topps Property is redeveloped, it will be too late.  Now is the time to negotiate with the developers for a wider road.


Ronald Marr
Long Beach Township, NJ