Why Now?


I read your editorial with great interest. Words like increased stress, not knowing what is going on or who to go to struck a chord with me.

For 6 months of the year we, my Husband & I, relocate to Fort Myers Beach from Ontario Canada for all the obvious reasons. In choosing where to spend our winters I researched & Fort Myers Beach ticked all the boxes. The biggest box being the proximity to the beach where we could park out RV. Yes the Red Coconut is where we hang our hat & we love it here. It has always been an oasis of calm, the people warm & caring, Fran & Tom Myers are probably 2 of the most selfless wonderful people we have ever had the honour of meeting.

So imagine our concern this year when we come home, yes we consider this our home, to find an increased stress level because of what is happening. There are people out every day measuring distances of the RVs from Donora. Such a feeling of intimidation that many of us are saying is this really worth staying. The answer is yes! We have questions; the basic question is why now? After all these years does the town want the tourists gone? Collectively we bring a lot of money-is it not wanted anymore?

Another question & excuse me for saying this. Is this a personal vendetta against the Red Coconut; if so why? We will not leave; we will stay & support our winter home and the people that own it.


Barbra Davies
Fort Myers Beach