Who’s in the Ditch? Estero Boulevard Construction  



Recently, one of our readers asked how many people were being employed by the Town’s waterline replacement project and the County’s Estero Boulevard improvement project, so we spoke with Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar, the public relations firm hired by both the Town and the County to answer questions on both projects seeking answers.

Town of Fort Myers Beach – reFRESH Waterlines Project

 “Mitchell & Stark is installing the Town’s waterlines and TECO Gas is installing in the same trench during the project,” Kaye said. “They have anywhere from 50 to 75 people working on this project. M&S crews and their subcontractors’ crews onsite at any given time are as follows:

– 3 pipe crews – 6 people per crew for a total of 18

– 1 directional boring subcontractor – Total of 6

– 1 dewatering subcontractor – Total of 6

– 1 paving subcontractor – Total of 6

– 1 asphalt subcontractor – Total of 6

– TECO Gas crew – Total of 4

– 4 Dump truck drivers – Total of 4

– Striping crews/extras/flaggers – varies

“In addition, the Town also provides 4-5 Beach and Street Enforcement people to help with traffic,” she concluded.

Lee County – reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project

 “Chris-Tel is the construction manager for this project, and they told me that – since they just got started – right now they have four people working in their office on Lovers Lane and six workers in the ditch,” Kaye said. “But that number will increase once they get fully underway.”

Adding all those crews up, we find a minimum of 60 workers currently employed by these two projects. As the Waterlines Project winds down and the Estero Blvd Road Project expands, those numbers will shift a bit.

For more information on either the Waterlines or Estero Blvd project, visit reFRESHFMBeach.com or call 239-337-1071. Kaye Molnar can also be reached by email at Kmolnar@cella.cc