Who Needs an Alarm Clock?


At 5am or so some mornings every week, we have the monster street cleaner truck takes at least two full passes the length of our street. If our windows are open, which they often are at this time of year, we cannot carry on a conversation inside our house, never mind sleep.noisy street cleaner trucks, fort myers beach

I get that the town wants to clean the streets before traffic starts up. On pick-up days, we have the trash and recycle trucks chugging outside our window at about that same time. I get that they want to get a jump-start on pick up before the traffic starts up.

I am under the impression that those activities are not supposed to start until 7 AM.

Never mind the boom box cars, the noisy motorcycles, and the drunken arguments that take place in our neighborhood at all hours until 3, sometimes 4 in the morning. All are violations of the noise ordinance. I have never seen any deputies outside reading sound measuring meters around ANY of those violators. But, heaven forbid, some musicians make music together that ONE neighbor doesn’t like.

Either we repeal the noise ordinance, or we enforce it equally across the board.

If that behemoth of a truck (overkill) gets a pass at any hour, if the leaf blower used to dust off the square gets a pass at any hour, if the kid driving up and down the street with his deafening (literally) speakers gets a pass at any hour, if the motorcycles revving get a pass at any hour, well, then…  music, for God’s sake, should get a pass.


Jo List
Fort Myers Beach