Where Was Help?


Ok, I can’t stand it. The events over the last few weeks have concerned me to the extent that I feel I need to put my thoughts on paper.

First, there was the attack on dear Bobby, Unfortunately, the perpetrator was unknown and therefore this resulted in an even greater tragedy a week or so later.

Terrible bloody crimes – both of them.  Dr. Hommerding will be sorely missed and Bobby has a long way to full recovery.  However has anyone spared a thought for the perpetrator?

Adam was a member of the Beach homeless community, yet it is my understanding that his roots were in a well to do family who choose to cast him off. Perhaps this was the beginning of his decline to mental unbalance.

Poor Adam is certainly not the only one among us who would benefit from mental health care.  How can we claim to live in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY that chooses to refuse assistance to such citizens?

Usually if one has a loving family and/or the proper insurance – proper care is obtained.

However, many more times the person is arrested and jailed for crimes committed while suffering a period of “unbalance.”  No treatment for this unfortunate soul!

Other times the person becomes homeless because of the inability to properly function in this “caring” society.

Yes, Adam has committed horrid crimes but WHY??  Where was help for this poor lost soul when he needed it?  What is wrong with society that allows this type of situation to continue over & over & can result in such tragedy? When/if you find the answer, please let me know.

Therefore I mourn not only for Dr. Hommerding & Bobby but for Adam, who only a few months ago was considered helpful but private & now is beyond reach of God’s Table’s help or mine.


Nancy O. Walker
Fort Myers