When Calling 911


From the Fire Chief

Hello Fort Myers Beach, San Carlos Island and surrounding communities!

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department would like to thank our community for the ongoing efforts in limiting exposure of COVID-19 through staying at home and proper social distancing.

We also come to you today asking for your help. Today your Fort Myers Beach Firefighters and Paramedics may look a little different, but we want you to know, no matter what the emergency, injury, or illness, when you call 911 the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department will respond.

We realize times of uncertainty can cause some to question what information to provide the 911 Operator. Some may fear if they share all of their symptoms they may not receive the same response. This is not the case. Despite what symptoms you have, we are coming to take care of you.

What we need you to do is please be forthcoming with the 911 Operator regarding all of your symptoms. This will not alter our response to you, only how we protect our team and you from further exposure.

If you have signs and symptoms of COVID-19 we want you to tell us right away, please do not withhold any information when you call 911. This allows our crews to be in the right protective equipment from the start and to make sure they protect you with the proper equipment as well.

Thank you for your help as we continue to serve our community using the best information possible!


Matt Love, Fire Chief
Fort Myers Beach Fire Department