What’s in the Water Thanks


Many, many thanks to Alison Giesen, Director of the Mound House, Dr. Parsons, Director of the FGCU Vester Marine Research Field Station, Town Council and Staff and the MANY VOLUNTEERS for their support and participation to carry out the first island-wide water quality testing event on May 18th.

As I reflect upon the success of the first inaugural island-wide water quality testing event, I know if it were not for having the support and participation of Alison Giesen and other Town Staff, Dr. Parsons, FGCU students, Fish-Tale Marina and the 50 fantastic volunteers who came together to conduct the water sampling on May 18, it never could have happened.

Dr. Parsons and his FGCU students will be doing further tests on the water samples that were collected on May 18th at the FGCU lab and when available, all of the water quality reports from Dr. Parsons will be made public. In the meantime, reports from the State are promising about a significant reduction in the amount of releases from Lake Okeechobee this year.

As the “What’s In the Water?” project continues, there will be a need for volunteers for the next island-wide water quality testing event in September/October and beyond. And, in the future, look for community programs at the Mound House and Newton Cottage on water quality testing, non-point source pollution, marine ecosystems and native plant landscaping.

Stay tuned for lots more to come on the “What’s In the Water?” project.


Penny Jarrett, Education Coordinator
Mound House