What’s Going On?


Hello, I enjoy the paper each week. I have an idea for an article that I think many people would like.

As my wife and I ride back and forth to downtown, we have observed the crews doing the work. As a curious person, I would love to know exactly what is going on. I assume the blue pipes are the water pipes and the large black pipes are sewer or gas. Also when they are putting in the blue pipes they have temporary black pipes connected to a series of small pvc pipes with valves, even after it is filled. What is the purpose of this?

As we endure this project, a little bit of additional information may help people appreciate the complexity of the project, and understand its length.


Darrell Walery
Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s Note: The Island Sand Paper has published about two dozen articles in the past year on the Town’s waterline and County’s Estero Blvd projects, jointly coined reFreshFMB. You can find those articles on our website FortMyersBeach.news by searching for reFreshFMB. More information is available on the project’s reFreshFMBeach.com website or by calling Kaye Molnar, Public Information Officer at 239-337-1071.

Pipe colors are as follows: Large white pipes on beach side of Estero are water mains; large black pipes on gulf side are sewer mains; white pipes with black tops and clear tubes with valves are part of a dewatering system that’s connected to a pump-they prep an area for digging by drying it out. Gas lines are yellow.