What We Voted For


I am disappointed in our local papers. Of all the issues our town is facing you choose to twist a non-issue to make a headline story that does nothing but hurt this community. The Sandpaper is known for being bias, but laid it on extra thick last week.

Former County Commissioner Ray Judah gave a water quality presentation a few weeks ago and was taken to task by Councilwoman Anita Cereceda’s questions; NO ISSUE. Mayor Ruane brought his staff to give a water quality presentation and Councilwoman Tracey Gore and Vice Mayor Summer Stockton asked Mayor Ruane questions, NO ISSUE! Cape Coral Mayor Sawicki, not part of the presentation, inappropriately stood up and became adversarial first with Vice Mayor Stockton, then Councilwoman Gore. Cape Coral Mayor Sawicki made herself the issue! The next story brought out by the local papers was Mayor Boback being a “sexist” for using the word “girls”.

Unfortunately the VOCAL MINORITY still have sour grapes of the election results. We, the majority, voted in Tracey and Dennis. We stand with them.

As this new council works to unite and deal with the real issues they inherited, let’s stand behind them, not knock them down.

Summer we”re proud of you for coming to Tracey’s defense; Dennis is not a sexist; Tracey, don’t change your tone- it’s what we voted for!


Flo Lauzon

Fort Myers Beach