What Could Have Been



After enjoying another great lunch at Times Square, we could not help but become discouraged about what could have been…and maybe still could be!

Years ago, cars traveled through Times Square. Someone had the vision to close the road and make it a pedestrian mall. A change of that magnitude would never happen today.

We love all the shops and restaurants at Times Square. It would have been so awesome to have that same pedestrian-friendly atmosphere extend south.

We love to walk the pier. It would have been so awesome to have a boardwalk along the beach from Lynn Hall Park to the south.

Standing at the crosswalk, traffic backs up in each direction – It would have been so awesome to have escalators and elevators bring us over the boulevard. The view from up there would have been amazing. Without having to constantly halt traffic, it would have been less backed-up.

We liked the Grand Resorts concept. Apparently, the existing hotels did not want the competition and a few vocal residents do not want to “share” our beautiful island with anyone else.

We bought our home here years ago because we thought it was a pretty laid-back island. But Times Square is small and could use a face-lift. We need more parking! The blight across from Crescent Park reminds me of Detroit. There are many dumpy buildings that would go in favor of new ones that will not need to be elevated under the Grand Resorts plan. The plan would solve many problems! The Coastal Protection system will benefit EVERYONE.

The townspeople should ask Grand Resorts to come back to the table. Most towns would beg to have something like the Grand Resorts option.

Let’s not be shortsighted on this. I am so glad they were not shortsighted when they created Times Square!!!

I do not know the Grand Resorts people, nor do I have financial interest in it. It is simply a great idea.


Sim & Cheri Maier

Fort Myers Beach