Well-Deserved Spotlight


Thank you for the interview and article profiling our Assistant Library Director, John Lukow. John’s comments were low key and far too modest and I want to share some additional information.

Most of the patrons who enter our beautiful library do not know John and most have never seen him although he’s been here 25 years. The most important work, the work that keeps our library functioning and provides the materials and services for our library community, is done out of the public eye in the back room, which has been John’s domain for all those years. Following the tragic murder of Dr. Hommerding, all of us were hurting and feeling a bit lost. John came forward as a resource for our staff and literally filled the leadership void left by Dr. H. John’s depth of knowledge about every aspect of our library’s operation never ceases to amaze us. He is our rock and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for being the glue that holds our team together. Rarely does a day go by when one of us doesn’t say to a fellow staffer, “Go ask John. He knows everything.”

We are so blessed to have had John here for 25 years and hopefully he will be with us for another 25. We appreciate him more than I can say and probably more than he knows. Thank you for shining a well-deserved spotlight on our John Lukow.


Esther Whatley
Fort Myers Beach Library Staff