We Do Not Need Another Organization on This Island


I attended the first meeting of the EITA (Estero Island Taxpayers Association) at the Woman’s Club (last week). After a presentation by TPI and a discussion of the goals of this new organization I came away with the impression that we do not need another organization on this Island.

It seems to me that the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce could accomplish the same goals by merely offering associate memberships to the various homeowner organizations and individuals on the island. Let us say that the Chamber charged a rate of $10 per year per household and from $100 to $500 for homeowners organizations depending upon number of members. This would serve two purposes; first it would give the Chamber a mass of taxpayers along with business owners to help control and funnel the issues that need to be addressed on the island at the local county, state and federal level and secondly would provide an additional source of revenue for the Chamber.

The new Chamber director has already announced her wishes to have current and former professionals involved with the Chamber. By adding this third group the Chamber would become a more powerful voice for this Island many of us consider home.

Some of the issues the EITA are wanting to influence such as downtown development and a change of FEMA development rules seem to me to be a forum that the local chamber could be active in.

This Island seems to have enough voices trying to influence the direction it takes that another voice will just add to more unrest.


Harry Lefferts
Fort Myers Beach