We Are the City of FMB


After attending Chapel By The Sea and County meetings, it is plain to see that we are experiencing a series of ‘wake-up calls’. The 10,000 of Ft. Myers Beach need to dust off the sugar sand and put away the tanning lotion, cause there is work to do.

It is time to stand in hot stuffy meetings, have your list of questions addressed, and take back what is really yours in the first place – the city of Ft. Myers Beach.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with change, updating or remodeling – as long as FMB residents are in the process, and completely understand what will happen. If we are not knowledgeable enough, we need to become knowledgeable. If we can’t make it to every meeting, we need to address the council by email, letter or another neighbor. The city needs to publicize each, meeting including the agenda weekly in the local papers. Consolidated minutes need to appear the day after the meeting for all to read. And, the City Council should realize this project and others are important enough to meet weekly, if necessary, to digest the information coming before them. It is a job, council people, and town employees cannot and should not make decisions without your input.

We are the city of FMB – We Coconuts had our dock demolished and are still waiting not only a valid reason, but a valid resolution to this problem. Council says the dock and land at the end of the street belong to the city…We are the city! If our little street remains in limbo over a poor city decision, and all the neighbors attend a Council Meeting to protest and ask for the dock to be rebuilt….and still nothing happens, imagine the daunting task you have before you to resolve the differences downtown. Let’s get those political action groups going!

Becca Nakaya

Ft. Myers Beach