Water Crisis


I read your article in the 7/1/16 edition of The Island Sand Paper and found it very informative. As a resident of Sanibel, which has 2 “happy news” only weekly papers so the tourists don’t get upset, your article was an eye opener. Then the crisis you described hit The New York Times today. It is one of the most emailed articles, with ~400 comments (which are very educational & sure to cause Rick Scott’s head to explode).

I forwarded the NYT article to over 30 people, including the Mayor and all members of the Sanibel City Council; Judy Zimomra, the City Manager; and James Evans, the Director of Natural Resources. I also forwarded it to Eric Milbrandt, the Director of SCCF’s Marine Lab, Rae Ann Wessel (whom you interviewed), and Kristie Anders, SCCF’s Education Director. Also to the Commissioners in Districts 1-5. Although they are “off duty” until Aug. 1st, Cecil Pendergrass of Dist. 2 responded to me with 2 personal emails.

Commissioner Pendergrass shared this photo with me that he was sent by a family member. “It was taken on Sanibel in 1960, notice the color of the water? It was rainy season and all of Sanibel and Captiva was still on septic systems.”

Thanks again for your article.

Alison Ward