Water, Blvd & Beach Patrols


RE: Blue Green Algae article 6/3/16. I read with disgust & annoyance the pollution report in Lake Okeechobee and the Caloosahatchee River. Nowhere is it mentioned the cause, which we all know is due to pesticides and fertilizers dumped by corporations on the land which runs off into these waters. Since SFWMD or EPA do nothing more than monitor the situation the solution is to FIRE THEM. They either have turned a blind eye or are subsidized by BIG businesses that have caused major problems for years. They should be replaced with people who really have an interest in cleaning up the environment.

RE: Mess on Estero Island. A yearlong road project that has now turned into a 10-year plan. What a colossal inept corrupt self-serving bunch of thieves running this island. FBI should be called to investigate and throw these bums on a chain gang to clean up the mess they created. They are all in collusion to see how much they can collect at the expense of the taxpayer. In the meantime the average citizen is inconvenienced with long traffic lines. I’m surprised that businesses suffering losses along the Blvd haven’t caused an uproar.

RE: Memorial Day Weekend. Loads of trash was strewn all over the beach by young lazy beachgoers who have no respect for the environment. On Monday afternoon a large crowd of teenagers moved up and down the beach following a few drunken guys taunting each other until finally police arrived and sprayed them with mace to break it up. Unfortunately only one person was arrested. Two wasted jerks were seen dragging a full size grill down the beach, eventually dumping hot coals on the sand. Where was law enforcement? Since these kids can’t behave themselves, this particular part of the beach should have patrols on summer weekends.

L. Morse