Vote Veach


I know someone who cares deeply about Fort Myers Beach. Since he has lived on the beach, he has volunteered his time and energies to enhance life on the beach for us all. That is one of the reasons the town awarded him Citizen of the Year in 2018.

He has volunteered his time and energy as chair of CRAB(Community Resources Advisory Board); Vice-Chair of the Public Safety Committee and chair of the Marine Resources Task Force.

Bill is a highly educated and curious person. If he is confronted by something he doesn’t know, he will put the time and energy into making sure he finds out and understands.

Bill was a businessman and as such blends his environmental concerns with the reality of hard economic decisions.

He will listen to all sides on an issue and give it his full attention and consideration.
To top it off, he has a quirky sense of humor and sometimes in difficult situations that is definitely needed.

Bill will work for quality of life for all living things on Fort Myers Beach. Please support and vote for Bill Veach for Town Council.


Pat Green
Fort Myers Beach & Dunmore PA