Vote Veach


Yes, Bill is a “great guy” and an “advocate for all things environmental”, as Mr. Rood writes. (Letter to the Editor, “Don’t Promote Veach,” February 28, 2020, Island Sand Paper ”) The majority of us believe water quality is the #1 issue here in SW Florida, and we absolutely need to pay attention to all things environmental that affect our water and quality of life. Might it be better to have well-rounded awareness and advocacy, than hide one’s head in the sands of self interest?

Those who know Bill well realize he is most capable of being “fair and balanced” in his decision-making. It is refreshing to have a person with a successful business background in industrial technology and entrepreneurship with a healthy dose of curiosity and who does not have a hidden agenda in running for Town Council. He wants what is best to protect our island and way of life. This does not mean he wants street lights that protect turtles over people. Yes, he does believe in plastic bans – whether straws or bags – as we who wish to protect the water and its creatures do.

Bill is an even-keeled guy with a sense of humor, who would be an asset on TC. Please thoughtfully consider him for your vote.


Chuck and Cindy Richardson
Fort Myers Beach