Vote Veach


I encourage all readers to vote for Bill Veach to occupy a position on the Fort Myers Beach Town Council.

Bill is a natural-born leader, distinguishing himself even before moving to Fort Myers Beach by founding, building and selling a successful company. He’s been a tireless volunteer for several beach organizations and efforts, including the Marine Resource Task Force, the Public Safety Committee, and the Community Resources Advisory Board.

Bill is a passionate advocate for clean water and a healthy environment. His work and studies position him well to be an effective voice for minimizing nutrient pollution. He is against the Boardwalk project, and supports efforts to reduce plastic waste. He has progressive views on improving traffic safety and reducing traffic congestion, and he supports the TPI project. He advocates better communication of and Council guidelines for regulation enforcement.

Most importantly, Bill is a person of matchless integrity and energy. I have no doubt he would be a solid asset to the Town Council.


David Szetela
Fort Myers Beach