Vote No to Changes



Please pay attention to the changes our town council is asking for with this election. A few of the more important issues are below.

Extended terms of office –3 years is long enough for any one person to serve on our council.

Removing the limitations on long term financing –that is not likely to be in the best interests of our town, now or in the future.

Eliminate term limits – 2 consecutive terms is long enough for any council member to serve.

Lowering the number of registered voters needed for resident initiatives from 25% to 15% — that is a terrible change! If anything, the number should be raised rather than lowered.

For too long, the residents of this island trusted the elected officials to act on their behalf, only to find that the actions of that body has done just the opposite. It is time for the people to take back our town. If that means starting all over, then so be it.

I urge everyone to get out and vote. Vote in new blood. Vote for the people that will act on your behalf. The people that will ask for your opinions and start running the town the way we, the people, want it to run.

Fran Cooke

Fort Myer Beach



Editor note: The proposed Charter amendments were selected by the Charter Review Committee. Town Council agreed to put all of the proposed amendments on the ballot, allowing Fort Myers Beach voters to decide which ones they wanted to enact. 21 amendments will be on the March 15th ballot.