Vote No on Walkovers


We have been asked to allow beach walkovers near one of our most unique natural areas- the Critical Wildlife Area. (CWA)

Beach walkovers, by increasing human activity, decrease the appeal of an area tor wildlife. Walkovers harm birds by allowing humans to come too close. They give predators easy access to nests. Walkovers scare off shorebirds and turtles and add to their peril.

Fort Myers Beach is a vibrant business district and a living natural area on one shared barrier island.

The extraordinary natural beauty and the convenience of nearby restaurants combine to make Fort Myers Beach a wonderful place. We brag about our busy Times Square and treasure our Florida flora and fauna 

To change the commercial north or the natural south of Ft Myers Beach would lessen Fort Myers Beach.

(I urge Town Council to) vote no on beach walkovers. Keep Fort Myers Beach a haven for shorebirds and turtles on the south.


Mary Rose Spalletta
Fort Myers Beach