Vote No on Referendum 1


Giving an open checkbook to our staff and elected officials does not encourage the accountability and fiscal restraint desired by taxpayers. The staff has even discussed financing a $30,000 copier that clearly should be able to be purchased through the annual budget process.

A cornerstone of our town’s vision is “government lite.” It is not in our best interest to remove the Town Charter limitation on long term financing.

When voters chose individual projects by referendum, their will is best served. When a recent referendum for an open checkbook of $7 million was turned down, the staff and Council accomplished the task at a fraction of that cost.

When a responsible stormwater plan (with County paying for its oversizing and additional needs) is finally proposed, a referendum will show the support by those who will be paying for decades.

Now is the time to restate our support of “government lite” and fiscal responsibility to taxpayers by voting No on Amendment #1, we can not afford giving out an unlimited amount of funds.

Anne Means
Fort Myers Beach Resident