Vote No on Amendment One


As an unaffiliated FMB voter, I strongly recommend a NO vote on Question 1, which would change local election dates to November to coincide with regular state and federal elections. Here’s why I’m against such a change.

Our local elections are non-partisan. That’s a good thing because most of our local issues … whether water quality, short-term rentals, development approach, beach re-nourishment, or traffic … are not addressed by either the Republican or Democratic Party state or national platforms. Those platforms, and the political divide they create, are largely a non-issue in local our elections. But, I’m afraid that if those elections were held in November, using the same ballot as the partisan races, it would be impossible to keep the divisiveness of partisanship out of our local election campaigns. Keeping local elections separate will help to keep them non-partisan, and so their focus can remain fully on the local issues we all care so much about.


Vic Berecz
Fort Myers Beach