Vote No on #7


A 2014 survey by the Florida League of Cities showed the existing compensation for the FMB Council is already in the top 10% of 52 similar communities. Referendum #7 approves a 15% increase which would place our Council in the top 5%. The League of Cities survey included beach communities with a large snowbird population. The Town survey for the increase included adjacent communities 10-25 times larger than FMB with responsibility for Police & Fire departments.

The new process recommended in Referendum #7 for Council increases states that compensation shall be revised annually based on adjustments for the professional staff. No comparison! Council is a part time volunteer position with no job description, and no required skills, education, experience or time commitment. Currently, proposed increases are specifically listed in a separate ordinance and voted up or down by Council. They are forced to address the issue in an open meeting. The Referendum process makes the raise automatic and buries it in a line item within the budget which is not readily apparent to the average resident. Transparency is key. Vote “NO” on Referendum #7. !

Bob Miller

Fort Myers Beach