Vote for Tracey Gore


I have known Tracey Gore on the island for more than twenty years. Tracey has been doing her homework for years in our town, familiarizing herself with the codes, regulations and the intimate workings of our town council. She is more versed in the town’s laws than anyone else I know. Anytime I want to know what is going on with the town council or community happenings all I have to do is call Tracey. She always knows, she is constantly keeping up with the issues. Tracey Gore is a local seafood business owner and she volunteers her time to support many projects in our community. With her family, Tracey donated her time to raise the money for our island’s¬†4th of July¬†Fireworks display for more than twenty years, an expense the Town has struggled with without them. Tracey has always supported people island wide, she cares about the entire island, not just her own neighborhood. She has a reputation for being honest and keeping herself informed. Tracey is clearly the best choice for town council because she is already the “go to” person on Fort Myers Beach for information and we trust her to represent us. She is sharp and articulate and has no problem getting a point across. My vote is Tracey Gore.

Karen Barrow

Fort Myers Beach