Vote for Tracey Gore


Of all the candidates running for election one person stands out for her knowledge of the comp plan and our codes. She also was raised on the island from a little girl, attended beach school and has seen the many changes of her home town both good and bad. I have not talked to anyone that has as much knowledge about our codes or comp plan. When she gets on an issue she does her research to the max and comes up with the answers. How she gets so much correct info is beyond me. She is for responsible development that follows our codes and preserves our small town character. How she finds the time to manage a business, be a mother, volunter for so many local organizations, research laws and codes to make sure all I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. This would wear out most people, but not her. By now you must know our allure, is for Tracey Gore.

Dave and Bonnie Ennis

Fort Myers Beach