Vote for Suzanne Katt


We support our friend Suzanne Katt’s candidacy for Town Council. We bought our home on FMB in 2004 and are year-round residents. Suzy bought her home in our neighborhood in 2011. It didn’t take long for our friendship to develop, sharing meals and discussing Island issues. When we asked Suzy what brought her to FMB she replied, the casual, laid back feel of a small barrier island.

Suzy practiced law in Indiana for 30 years. She chaired committees for the State Bar Association and served as interim Judge for difficult adult guardianship and mental health cases. She ended her legal career working for a law firm that provided estate planning and trust litigation.

When we first met Suzy she said to us “I know I look like a little old lady but that’s not who I am.” After knowing her for several years we can vouch for that. She is hands-on, sharp as a nail, one tough cookie! Retirement won’t slow her down; she isn’t wired that way. She volunteers at the library several days a week, she serves on the Local Planning Board and is a member of the FMB Community Foundation .We were thrilled when she told us she was going to run for Town Council. Suzy is very civic-minded and has been walking, knocking on doors to introduce herself and listening to island residents. To date she has visited the homes of 300 islanders. She believes as councilwoman she will be the voice of the people. She has nothing to gain personally, not a business owner, realtor or a politician.

With our island facing difficult challenges, Suzanne Katt with her leadership skills and analytical mind is the right choice.

 A vote for Katt is a vote for the people’s voice.

John & Jeanne Thompson

Fort Myers Beach