Vote for Suzanne Katt


I am writing to encourage you to vote for Suzanne Katt for town council in the election on March 15th. Suzy is level-headed, intelligent and dedicated. She has been going to town council meetings for “fun” since she moved to town because she wants to be informed and involved in what is happening in our town. Her experience with the law would be a great help to our council, as she is excellent in analyzing and summarizing legal documents. She is not a one-issue candidate—she cares about every decision the town is making and how it affects our future as residents of this wonderful island. She has been walking our streets and talking with people to listen to their concerns and suggestions for making our town a better place to live. She has pledged to continue to walk and listen after she is elected, which is a refreshing idea to some of us voters who may not hear from a candidate again after they have been elected. I am impressed that she has funded her campaign without taking any contributions from the town voters. Suzy wants to help preserve the historic character and small-town atmosphere of the island, and that means a lot to me, as those are some reasons I moved here. I’m sure that’s true for many others who live here as well. Suzy’s brains, compassion, knowledge and skills are what we need, so Vote for Suzanne Katt to make sure she can represent us on the Fort Myers Beach town council.

Jan Falkum

Fort Myers Beach