Vote for Suzanne Katt


With our local elections near at hand, I would like to recommend Suzanne Katt for the Fort Myers Beach town council. Over the past year I have come to know Suzanne and to appreciate her interest in the issues facing our community. Considering the complexities that the council deals with today, it is crucial that we seek out trained, experienced and seasoned professionals capable of grappling with circumstances that are often adversarial in nature. As others have pointed out in these pages, those seeking development, large or small, are today represented with such expertise, and their proposals, and arguments, must be met on level ground. Suzanne’s professional experience consists of years of education as well as decades of varied real world experience, on both sides of the bench. These qualifications indicate the sort of talent and temperament that is a simple necessity when apprehending issues and making cogent decisions for our town. It is long past the time that we can have council members who lack these qualities. Suzanne Katt is hardworking, generous with her time, with a true concern and loyalty for this island.

Carmine Pacchino

Fort Myers Beach