Vote for Stevenson & Shamp


Our town council election this year is critical for island residents. I have decided to vote Ber Stevenson and Joanne Shamp. Joanne has proven her knowledge of our codes during her years on the LPA and her respect for the comp plan which states commercial intrusion into residential neighborhoods will not be approved. Ber Stevenson is the most similar to Joanne and the two other pro-resident-council members who have two years left on their terms. With a Dennis, Tracy, Joanne and Ber council, we have four council members watching our backs so we don’t have to. Ber is a university graduate with emphasis on design and human settlement theory. Ber was a successful private business owner with over 100 employees, and Ber served as a city receiver in charge of overseeing the demolition and/or restoration of properties. Ber is the man to oversee the three dock replacements, utilize best management for storm water and the Estero Blvd project, as well as hold the town manager responsible for his increasing staff and vehicle inventory. Ber respects our small island environment and the people who live here. Ber has said that we as residents are to make the decisions for our island, not the outsiders looking only to profit off our community and change it for special interests. Vote Ber Stevenson and Joanne Shamp.


Bonnie Ennis
Fort Myers Beach