Vote for Shamp & Stevenson


My wife and I attended the meeting last week to meet the candidates. There were a lot of questions about the blighted area. Ber Stevenson gave the best answer. Most of the blighted area is owned and kept run down by the owners T.P.I. hospitality. Its amazing what a little paint and yard clean up can change the look. Clean the windows. Look for some short time rentals until the project moves on. I guess if they keep it run down they hope the town will change the comp and codes to their advantage. We live in the area and welcome cleaning up the area, but you must follow the comp plan and codes. Only two candidates voiced their concerns to follow the comp plan and codes Joanne Shamp and Ber Stevenson. Joanne knows the comp and codes she wont waste time. She hits the ground running. The town formed the comp plan and codes for a reason. Lets keep our small town character. Ber is for cleaning up the water, traffic safety, small town charm, and will follow the comp plan and codes. Lets vote Joanne and Ber.


Dave Ennis
Fort Myers Beach