Vote for Shamp

Letters to the Editor


One candidate for Town Council stands out – Joanne Shamp. She has the knowledge and experience to deal with the many issues facing our Town. Her years of leadership roles on Town committees prepared her to accept a vacant seat on Council. Her impact was immediate. Every issue gets researched in detail. She is constantly looking for better and more economical ways to do things. Everyone gets treated with respect. She listens to the opinions of others.  Joanne Shamp recognizes that Town regulations are not just guidelines, they are legal documents. Her efforts as chair of the LPA not only assured the Town would be protected legally, but that when the regulations became outdated or obsolete, that they were changed to be effective in an ever changing environment. Fort Myers Beach is made up of many diverse individuals. Joanne Shamp will represent everyone; whether they vote; whether they work; whether they play; whether they live on the island; or they are here for a day or many years. Please vote Joanne Shamp for Town Council.


Tom Babcock
Fort Myers Beach