Vote for Pohland


Fire Commission meetings and work shops do not usually draw a large crowd of residents. I began attending them a few years ago when I sensed that a member of the Commission, the former Chief and members of the Fire Marshals office were, in my opinion, harassing Condominium Associations by issuing non fire related “nonsense” violations to all of us.

At the first meeting that I attended, there was only one other resident present, John Pohland, now Commissioner Pohland. I was a one-subject resident/speaker. John seemed to be versed in many aspects of the Fire District. His questions and knowledge of almost every subject raised, impressed me.

Over the two years I attended the meetings to voice my opposition on perceived adverse policies, John was there, knowledgeable, inquisitive and apparently helpful to the members of the commission. It was no surprise to me that John Pohland was chosen by the Commissioners to fill a seat vacated on the commission. I have attended many Fire Commission meetings since John’s appointment. He comes well prepared to discuss and decide the issues on the agenda.

His appointment, made by the other Commissioners, to complete the term left by the vacant seat, was a wise decision. He is now running for his own term as Commissioner. I cannot imagine anyone other than John who could better fill that seat. I urge all residents to do what I and anyone I can convince, will do on November 7th, Vote for John Pohland for Fire Commissioner, Seat 2.


George Repetti
President, Islands End Condo Association