Vote for Pohland


John was on the team that elevated the job description for the Chief of the Fire Department and hired an extremely qualified new Chief who has demonstrated the leadership qualities so sorely lacking in the past. He has also consistently favored a lower tax rate and cost-saving measures, as evidenced by his dissenting vote on the increased millage rate recently adapted in the 2016-2017 budget.

John has served for many years on our important Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) which interacts with the Fire Department. I have served with John on our citizens’ committee for Air Intrusion Relief (A.I.R.) since 2009. I can attest that his experience and knowledge as a pilot has been an invaluable asset to us in our dealings with the FAA and local air traffic authorities.

While John’s opponent is an experienced fire service official, I generally do not favor career fire department employees with union affiliations serving as elected officials. (This has proven disastrous in several other fire districts.) Moreover, his experience and education apparently omitted familiarization with statutory requirements, as his signs and a hand-out I received lack the political disclaimer mandated by the Florida Election law.

Please vote for John Pohland who has proven to be an effective public servant, responsive to the interests of his constituents.


Daniel Hughes
Fort Myers Beach