Vote for Patricca & Morgan


We enthusiastically endorse the following candidates in the August 30th Election:

Christine (Chris) Patricca for Lee County School Board. Her knowledge of the school board and system is outstanding, her understanding of what needs improved makes her the clear choice for District 3.

Cathleen Morgan, incumbent School Board member to be our new at large member of the Lee County School Board District 6. She has the knowledge and expertise to bring about the needed changes in the school system needed to insure all of our treasure; our youth get what attention and education they need to succeed in life.

Vote Patricca District 3 and Morgan District 6 for Lee County School Board on August 30th Election Day!
Fred Forbes, Bonita Springs City Councilman
Charles and Donna Stone, Bonita Springs
Bill Lonkart, former City Councilman
Bob Moe, Bonita Springs
Bill and Mary Copeland, Bonita Springs
Paula Ferrone, Bonita Springs
Barbara and Ed Fitzgerald, former Fire District Commissioner