Vote for Kiker


There are a lot of opinions being bandied around about what Larry Kiker has or has not done since holding public office.

The facts:

First, Larry Kiker took no money from Big Sugar, though Sugar did spend a great deal of money on attack ads against his opponent. Just search his campaign records at and you will find no contributions from Big Sugar. Second, regarding ethics violations, there is no ongoing investigation. Again, this is easily proven by searching public records.

While serving on our council as mayor, Kiker oversaw the long-sought completion of several projects – the reconstruction of North Estero Boulevard, Laguna Shores dredging, beach renourishment and the sign ordinance come to mind.  He helped create a Master Plan for the rest of the boulevard and got that project off the ground. He also kept the Town’s taxes low and worked relentlessly with the County Commission on solutions to our particular needs here on the island.

Since he has been county commissioner, he has gone to D.C. multiple times to lobby for our water quality, as well as flood insurance issues, continuing a tradition he began as Mayor. He has also pushed to expedite the much-needed Estero Boulevard project and is working to cut through the red tape to get Big Carlos Pass dredged. He was instrumental in getting the Tourist Development Council to change how representatives are selected so that Fort Myers Beach is ensured a seat at the table. He also established a 6-county summit so representatives from southwest Florida municipalities could present a united front to the lawmakers in Tallahassee, another thing he began while mayor.

My personal opinion:

Larry Kiker works his butt off for his constituents. Vote for Larry Kiker for County Commission.


Jo List
Fort Myers Beach