Vote for Kiker


As rumors fly around regarding the election for Lee County Commissioner and Big Sugar contributions from the 2012 campaign, please visit to clear up this concern for you regarding Larry’s campaign contributions.

Larry has committed the last 10 years of his life to public service. As a FMB resident, we were thrilled with the changes and progress brought to the island when he was mayor. Many issues that had been “tabled” for years were acted upon and completed.

He has served as an adviser on countless civic organizations and has been a pioneering advocate to clean up the water! As County Commissioner he has organized a coalition with mayors, and personnel from the state and nation to resolve the problems that are plaguing our water through the river and out to the gulf. As a former avid fisherman, he certainly understands the importance of clean water…for our beautiful beaches as well as the eco system and commerce. After several high level meetings in DC, I feel we are finally approaching a permanent resolve to the water quality problem…and Larry Kiker has been at the lead of these meetings.

Do your own research, but we strongly believe Larry Kiker is relentlessly on the job and working for a better Lee County. Keep him in office to continue the progress.


Tom & Martie Schultz
Fort Myers Beach