Vote for Kiker


In this silly season of innuendo, half-truths and outright lies, I would like to re-introduce you to my friend, Commissioner Larry Kiker.

My first encounter with Larry was televised. As mayor, he was leading the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting. A homeless man took advantage of Public Comment to express his needs. With complete respect and sincerity, Larry informed him he could receive assistance right next door at Chapel By the Sea God’s Table.

Larry is unique in his ability to treat all constituents, co-workers and stakeholders with the same degree of respect and dignity.

As Lee County Commissioner, Councilperson and Beach Mayor, Larry has advocated for and implemented reducing taxes and spending smarter.

Larry traveled to Tallahassee and Washington to fight for clean water. He co-chaired a bipartisan Congressional hearing, which secured Federal funding for current and future water quality projects.
When constituents were facing outrageous flood insurance rate increases, Larry returned to Washington to meet with House and Senate members to delay implementation of the Biggert Waters Act.
Larry represents our best hope for an elected official committed to improving our economy and quality of life. Larry is a public servant who serves the public.

Carla Mandel
Fort Myers