Vote for Katt


I am writing to encourage my fellow citizens to elect Suzanne Katt to City Council.

We, the voters on FMB, have a great responsibility to our beloved island. When we elect a new council member we will be deciding whether our island will remain the gem of the Gulf Coast or be transformed into a commercial quagmire.

Change is coming. We need a council that can manage those changes while being the guardians of our island’s soul. Suzanne Katt is committed to that task. As a lawyer, litigator, estate planner she is trained to listen, negotiate, resolve.

We met “Suzy” at a Film Festival event. It is correct that you never know when a new, true friend will appear! We are amazed at her energy, her tenacity, her loyalty. She will never let us down.

Suzanne has visited over 400 homes. She has heard the frustrations and she has heard many common sense solutions to the problems facing our community.

Voting in local elections is the most powerful vote we have. Let us all vote to elect someone who is committed, dauntless and solely interested is the betterment of our slice of Paradise. That person is Suzanne Katt

Mary Louise & Wayne Bauman

Fort Myers Beach