Vote for Jack Green


My friend, Jack Green, is running for Fort Myers Beach Town Council. Sometimes, he just doesn’t follow my advice. For those of you who don’t know Jack, (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) here’s some information that should help you decide to vote for him.

He entered the Coast Guard as an enlisted man and retired at the rank of Commander. His last duty station was at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington where he was regularly in meetings about information technology with admirals, senators and congressmen. Jack has played in the major leagues.

Jack served the town as Principal Planner, and Director of Public Works, where he was instrumental in the planning of the North Estero re-do project. He became “Interim” Town Manager when his predecessor abruptly left – something about his wife’s career choice.

Here’s what you’ll get with Jack on the Council: Somebody who: examines all sides of an issue before deciding; handles emergencies calmly; does his homework; thinks several steps ahead so as to avoid “unforeseen consequences;” understands the difference between setting policy and micromanaging (Boy, does he understand that.); knows the town’s Comp Plan and Land Development Code as well or better than anybody around; whose only agenda is the betterment of the town and its residents and who will work tirelessly for that; and finally, is in nobody’s pocket, including what let’s call “local special interests.”

On a personal note: I’m real choosy about who goes with me on an extended cruise on a small boat which includes open-ocean passages six-to eight-days long. I want to know that when I go below to sleep after my watch, that the person who replaces me up there will make decisions that ensure the welfare of the vessel and crew. The voters of Fort Myers Beach can be assured that Jack Green will do the same for them.

Jay Light

Fort Myers Beach