Vote for Jack Green


We urge voters to vote for Jack Green for Town Council. Here’s why:

Jack has already served the Town in so many ways, including Zoning and Development Planner, Public Works Director, Town Manager, plus past Coast Guard management duty. He knows the Beach and Beach people very well, and no one running is as well prepared to face what is to come.

He will stand by our Comprehensive Plan. If we don’t elect someone who will preserve our current codes, stop over-building, and stop a seawall (or whatever it would be called), we will destroy our island as we know it. This may be the most important vote we will ever have. We lost the battle over the building of Diamond Head, but we became a town in 1995 as a result and we now have height restrictions. The Comprehensive Plan was carefully crafted to establish standards that allow progress but keep the unique character and friendly ambiance of beach living.

It’s not a matter of opposing changes just to stubbornly cling to the past. If Grand Resorts becomes a reality as currently proposed, traffic will not be better, but will be much worse. Our island cannot support the increased number of cars that it would cause.

Jack Green will listen to the people and work for our best interests.

Lyle & Jeaneen Dumers

Fort Myers Beach