Vote For Jack Green


I’ve known Jack Green for over eight years having worked with him when he was the Director of Public Works for Fort Myers Beach, and I was serving on one of the town’s advisory committees. Jack went on to serve as Town Manager which gives him an excellent background to now serve as a member of town council.

Jack Green is very familiar with the challenges we face here on Ft. Myers Beach including the current initiative to expand the downtown area through massive redevelopment. Jack was a resident of FMB sixteen years ago when we first became a town and understands the value of our Comprehensive Plan as it was adopted by our Town’s forefathers.

If I had to describe my opinion of Jack Green in ten words or less, they would include the words: energetic, honest, common sense and hard worker. I believe Jack learned many of these qualities from his 30+ years in the Coast Guard where he retired having achieved the rank of Commander.

There are seven candidates running for Town Council. Based on Jack’s experience and core values, Jack Green will have my vote.

George Pacharis

Fort Myers Beach