Vote for Jack Green


I have lived in the community of Fort Myers Beach for 30 years. I do not live in town, though the activities of town government do impact my life. I have been a professional observer and chronicler of local government for a very long time and I am told people value my opinions. I therefore offer my perspective on the coming council election.

As a newspaper reporter I had numerous professional interactions with Jack Green as public works director for the town and as town manager. I found Jack to be unfailingly professional, straightforward and honest.

I have also seen Jack exhibit these traits as a member of the Beach Library Board, on which my wife Debbie also serves.

Those who truly know me will understand this next bit best. Several years back Jack’s grand-daughter was playing softball on a Beach Little League team. The coach of the team had personal issues mid-season and we, as the Little League board, found ourselves in desperate need of a new coach. Jack was a novice, and knew about softball only what he had learned watching games from the stands.

Yet when I went to Jack and told him the children needed him, he stepped up. He agreed to become the head coach. As I recall he missed zero games and zero practices. He poured his time, effort and heart into doing what was best for those dozen or-so little girls. He has since become an invaluable member of the Little League board.

Now he has been asked to step up and serve again. I have no doubt that if elected Jack will show the same professionalism and caring I have seen and come to expect. If I had a vote for Beach Town Council I would cast it for Jack Green.

Charlie Whitehead

Fort Myers Beach