Vote for Hosafros


As a resident and owner of a condo on our island for 29 years,  I endorse Rexann Hosafros as choice of candidate for council of the town of Ft. Myers Beach at the time of the election on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

I believe she will expedite, with awareness and wisdom, the unfinished business of present council and diligently consider all new business.

I believe her election will create better communication between residents, businesses, associations, and governmental branches, along with input participation in any mediation situations.

I believe Hosafros will wisely address the dearth of mental health assistance for benefit of all on the island.

I believe she will again act as a firm and wise council member, extending the arm of progress in implementing council decisions most beneficial in expending of our tax dollars.

I believe through her input, we can create a positive town image of our island as being an excellent location for residential living.

I believe she is the ideal candidate for attaining high goals.

I, therefore, promote the election of Rexann Hosafros for council member of our town, Fort Myers Beach!


Alice Glawe
Fort Myers Beach