Vote for Fleming


After reading the two letters in The Island Sand Paper from the Chair and Vice-Chair of our fire district (Island Sand Paper October 14, 2016), I am compelled to write a letter. We live in a world where we experience horrible, negative political campaigning; however I never expected to endure the same here on our islands for the fire commission seat.

I believe that the letters may have had a positive impact if these two incumbents had simply endorsed their candidate with their reasons. Instead they chose to launch a smear attack on Ron Fleming with innuendo and mudslinging. This displays an extreme lack of maturity and pettiness by these two supposed leaders of our fire district. This mean-spirited bullying is the definition of an old boys’ club whose members shudder at the thought of a newcomer having a say, especially if that viewpoint is different from theirs. This must end.

The fire board makes the decisions that determine the effectiveness and capabilities of our firefighters to safely deliver emergency services to us. Instead of attacking a qualified candidate, these incumbents should focus on making this fire department better.

Ron Fleming has documented knowledge and vast experience in top leadership positions in public safety and high finance. I am voting for Ron Fleming, because we need and deserve a proven leader to fill Seat 2.

Linda Edson
Fort Myers Beach